What are the responsibilities of a team leader

This is a checklist I made for myself and my new team members.  It cuts down on unrealistic expectations and helps them to be more responsible.

What you can expect from me:

Team Communication:

  • A daily FB post within our group
  • A monthly team newsletter
  • I will respond to your calls, texts, FB messages weekdays 8:00 – 3:00 pm and after 9:00 pm.  (Gotta spend time with the fam)
  • A monthly check-in text
  • Texts to remind you of upcoming meetings, important calls, and training
  • I will tag you in a FB post that answers a question you have if I have addressed that question previously.  


  • A gift from me when you hit a benchmark 

Booking Blitz:

  • Tips/tricks on booking parties
  • Incentives/Gifts to top performers

Founder’s Sale:

  • Training on how to recruit your leads
  • A Facebook event to house all your recruit leads and keep them excited about the event


  • Team meetings with valuable content that is planned out and worth your time.
  • Calls/fb live videos as needed


  • A New Consultant Checklist
  • A New Consultant Group with fresh content that will help the new girls
  • Weekly training calls



  • I will always have positive things to say about our team, other Pure Romance sisters, and corporate.


What I expect from you:

Team Communication:

  • Read my daily FB post within our group.  I post awesome tips.
  • Read our monthly roofing team newsletter to see who’s been recognized.  It could be you!
  • Call, text, FB messages anytime but please understand I am with my family between 3:00 – 9:00 pm.


  • Attend our team meetings and corporate events.  The content is amazing and the sisterhood is important.
  • Watch Live Love Win when possible



  • Give your new baby the New Consultant Checklist
  • Add your new girls to the New Consultant Group
  • Encourage your girls to attend the weekly training calls


When you are Frustrated

  • Please reach out to me or your sponsor.  I am your support system and don’t know when something is wrong unless you tell me.
  • Attend a meeting.  Being around your sister consultants can help bring you out of the funk.  We’ve all been down and frustrated; you can learn what others did to get past it.  



  • Have positive things to say about our team, other Pure Romance sisters, and corporate.  Vent privately to your sponsor

How to train your new recruit

Booking and holding a successful party is only one part of the business.  Recruiting and training new girls is something completely different.  Here is an outline of how I trained my new girls.


Note: Only tag her in 1-2 posts a day, tops.  We don’t want to overwhelm her.  Spread out the things you are tagging her in so that she has time to process what she is learning.


When She Signs Up

  • What to tell your friends about your Pure Romance Business
  • 6 bookings in 6 weeks for newbies


Leading Up to Her Launch Party

  • How to swipe cards at parties
  • Jamie Demo video
  • Hostess coaching
  • Post it notes in catalog
  • Order forms
  • All about games (note–she needs to watch the main video then she can watch the other videos in that thread)
  • Party Outline
  • Let’s get this party started.  First party jitters


After Her First Party

  • Rules you need to know
  • Your booking speech
  • Rules You Need to Know
  • How to Get them to pick a Pure Romance Party Date
  • Being a Smart Shopper
  • How to get inventory for your first parties

My 10 Step Party Outline

Do these 10 things at every party.  Your demo should be an hour, max.

  1. Play ONE icebreaker game.
  2. Tell your story. (Who you are outside of the business and why you joined.)
  3. Have guests fill out the FRONT of their customer connection card.
  4. Demo Mild Products
  5. Demo Wild Products
  6. Have guests fill out the BACK of their customer connection card.  Take them up.
  7. Thank the hostess.
  8. Play a booking game.
  9. Draw a raffle ticket winner
  10. Ordering Room

24 Hour Challenge

(Need parties?  This is the exact strategy I used when I was new to get parties.  Enjoy!)

Hi (insert name here),

I am sending you an email to see if you be interested in helping me with a challenge I have received. I am involved in a contest to see how many parties I can get scheduled in 24 hours. I wanted to see if you would be interested in being one of my Preferred Hostesses during the month of June. I’m booking dates between now and June 30th.  For booking your show with me in this 24-hour period you’ll be entered to win a shopping spree with  Pure Romance. We have a brand new catalog and dozens of new products for you and your friends to shop from. In addition to being entered into the drawing, anyone who helps me with this challenge will receive ($X only offer what you’re comfortable with giving away! Remember, this is RETAIL price… not YOUR price!) worth of free product the night of your party so long as it's your originally scheduled date!

Should your party be the BEST party of the month, I will also shower you with $50 more free product!  You and I both know that your party will rock, so please shoot me an email or give me a call at (contact info) if you can help me out. My challenge ends at Midnight on (X) night.

Thank you for your support in my Business!

(The first party I was able to get using this strategy was from my friend who owned https://www.pressurecleaningfortlauderdalefl.com.)

How to Hostess Coach Like a Boss

Hostess Coaching Tips
Hostess Coaching Tips

You’ve worked really hard to get your party, now you need to work really hard to keep your party.  Here is the step-by-step I used to make sure my parties held:

  1. In the ordering room – say, “I like to call my hostesses for a quick chat.  I have a couple of questions.  Is it ok for me to call you one day next week?”
  2. The next day – Text, “It was really nice meeting you last night!  I’m glad you were there!”  She will Respond.  Then say, “Are you still ok with me calling you one day next week?  It’ll be super fast.”
  3. The day of the call – Text that morning and let her know what time you will be calling.
  4. The call – This needs to be a fast call.  (You told her it would be.)  Here’s what you need to say:
    • Talk about non-party stuff for about 30 seconds.
    • Confirm date/time of party
    • Ask her if she would like you to set up a FB event.  (She will say yes.)
    • Explain how you will set up the event but you need her to make sure she personally calls/texts her friends to get the word out.  Tell her by doing this, it will help the girls feel special and they will make more of an attempt to go.
    • Ask her if it’s ok for the girls to bring friends.  Tell her if someone brings 1 friend then they will get a gift.  If they bring 3 friends then they get a buzzing gift.  Explain how this will help her get a higher attendance, which will help her get more free stuff.
    • Explain her hostess credits
    • Explain no men or children
    • Ask if she has any questions
    • That’s it
  5. Set up a FB event.  (This is a whole other topic.  I will get to that another day.)
  6. Leading up to the party, you will send her 3 letters.
    • A confirmation letter
    • How to have a $2,000 party
    • Party Time
  7. The week of the party, text her to see if she has any questions or needs anything.  Text her a RedStamp to text to her friends.  This will be a reminder text.

That’s it!  Follow these steps and you will have a full house!

5 Ways to Make Your Parties More Fun

5 Ways to Make Your In-Home Party More FunWe have all been to those boring in-home parties where the consultant is obviously nervous, awkward, and as entertaining as a rock.  Do you think she does very well?  My philosophy is this: if the girls are having fun a

nd they like you then they will want to book future parties with you.  Here are a couple things I did to make my parties more fun from the start:

  1. Play music.  This sounds so simple.  But what I’ve found is most the time, the hostess is so focused on getting the food ready that she hasn’t even thought about music.  Music helps to make things less awkward and sets a fun vibe.  So I found a fun, upbeat station on Pandora to set the tone right off the bat. Continue reading “5 Ways to Make Your Parties More Fun”

Overcoming First Party Jitters

I remember my very first party.  It was at my house and I had 16 of my teacher friends coming over.  Although I am used to standing in front of a classroom full of kids and talking everyday, I wasn’t sure I could do the same in front of my peers.  For me, the best way to help be less nervous is to be prepared.  Here’s what I did:

  1. I set up a “demo catalog.”  I took one of my catalogs with my products and I put post-it notes on the products within the catalog I was going to talk about.  The notes need to be bullet points so that I didn’t find myself reading from the catalog.  I just needed something to jog my memory.
  2. I set up my table in the order I would be talking about things. I didn’t want my products randomly thrown up there.  I wanted everything in order that way I didn’t have to go searching for it.
  3. I practiced!  I practiced what I was going to say while taking a shower, driving down the road, cooking dinner, etc.  I DID NOT want to stand in front of everyone and look like an idiot.
  4. I knew what jokes I wanted to say about the products.  I figured if I could make the girls laugh, then that would help to take some of the pressure off of me.

That’s it!  That’s what I did and it dramatically helped.  I remember everyone in the room was staring up at me.  My mouth was so dry.  But after I told my first joke, the whole room started laughing, and it was at that point that I knew I could be successful at this.

My first party was $600 that night.  I was proud of myself considering the average party for a new girl is $200.

Keep practicing!